Hi Tap Lovers! 

   Salt City Tap Fest 2018  was a fabulous success.

   History was made by the forces behind SLC Tap, and our special guests Brenda Bufalino and Dorothy Wasserman.

   I will not be producing a tap fest in 2019, but I am eager to help anybody else who'd like to step up and organize an event.

  Thanks to all who've supported these efforts over the past 5 years! 

SLC Tap was created by Debby Robertson over a decade ago, with the intention to promote tap dance in Utah in as many ways as possible. 

Debby has been teaching and preaching tap for the past twenty years in Salt Lake City. Through producing events, teaching classes and performing, she has introduced tap to broader audiences, all while raising the technical bar for dancers.  In the process she's created a supportive community and a secure future for tap in Utah. 

The history of tap is colorful and interesting, yet as a dance form it has been seen as eccentric, purely as entertainment, less sophisticated than other dance genres.  Over the past forty years, a great revival has taken place and led to thousands of wildly talented tap dancers and choreographers, doing great work! Tap hasn't only been revived, its popularity has exploded.  Today's tappers have expanded boundaries, pushed the envelope. Public perceptions are changing and tap has developed into a valid contemporary art form.

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